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Olde Dark Sumatra
A nutty, well balanced darker roast for those who love the earthiness of tropical jungle Sumatra. Well rounded, resonant nuttiness with chocolate fudge, vanilla and a hint of red grape and persimmon

Various small holders



Merdeka Coffee


North and West Sumatra (Barisan Mountains)


Ranges - but generally above 1500m


Tim-Tim, Ateng and Lini-S (Arabicas)

Mixed - mainly wet


RM36 [250gm], RM144 [1 kg]



We have blended some of the finest Sumatran coffees and then entrusted them to our roast master to bring out the best flavours and aromas. The resulting blend is a fine testament to some of the most famous coffees in the world. The blend cups beautifully - a fine balance of licorice and toffee, with an underlying tone of chocolate. This coffee is one of our best sellers and with its lower caffeine levels can be drunk at any time of day