Lava Coffee is committed to socially responsible business practices and environmental conservation. We believe in the principals of fair trading and ensuring that coffee farmers and their communities get a fair deal.

Traditionally, prices paid to coffee farmers have been kept low by local trader monopolies and market manipulation. This has a dramatic effect on the farmers and their communities. Fair trading works by farmers forming co-operatives and selling their products directly to roasters or exporters.

Fair trading principles stress farmers receive fair prices, credit availability and become more self sufficient by running their operation democratically and using practices which protect the environment.


Our customers share our vision for exceptional coffee obtained through fair and equitable local trade relationships. We believe in developing partnerships with small hold growers, both at plantation and village level. A percentage of profits are shared with our partners in order for them to develop their communities, their coffee expertise and to assist them to promote environmental conservation.

For every fabulous cup of Antipodean Coffee you drink, you are helping contribute to farmers who are working hard to improve the quality of life for their family, community and the coffee industry.